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The (L8/4RU) 4 channel signal input and 2 way stereo signal input
The (L10/4RU) 6 channel signal input and 2 way stereo signal input
The (L14/4RU) 10 channel signal input and 2 way stereo signal input
The 2 bus 2 road mix output:
The AUX auxiliary output; the 2 rail signal input:
The effect of SEND transmission and RETURN stereo return port;
The 2 independent recording output and listening ports;
The band frequency sweep, frequency adjustable
The low noise, high precision microphone preamplifier, perfect sound quality;
The sound effect device is composed of YAMAHA (Yamaha) YSS series digital chip components, 16 kinds of ECHO/ or DSP effect,
Realistic sound field, and the use of highly blue digital tube display;
The 7 section stereo graphic equalizer;
The balanced XLP microphone input and balanced line TRS input, 3 section of channel equalization;
- Taiwan 100mm producing double slider track fader, feel soft and durable;
The independent PFL switch, can monitor the channel input, audio input signals and reverberation, the main mix and grouping the input signal;
The +48V phantom power, provide the polarization voltage and convenient connection of condenser microphone for input port;
The crossover point scanning subwoofer output, compatible with the performing arts, conference, entertainment and so on many occasions disco;
The Headset monitoring excuse;
The USB sound playback, available USB lines connected to the computer to play music, and can control the volume of computer,
Select a song, play and pause functions;
The SD card reader and file download function, can be connected to the computer, read, edit and download the SD card file;
The USB and SD dual medium reservoir interface;
The MP3/WAV and WMA three decoding multimedia player, multi language menu;
The synchronous display of English songs and song, 5 kinds of equilibrium model built in;
The 2.8 inch large blue LCD (liquid crystal display);
The built-in WAV format digital recording function, can live recording;
The accurate display of digital dual 10 bit LED level;
The detachable aluminum alloy plate, convenient installation to the cabinet;
The National Semiconductor Corporation Ns power scheme, 85-260V world supply voltage, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, reliable Du
The vast AC noise interference;
The SMT process, because TDK, PHILIIPS (Philip), RUBYCON (Hong Baoshi) and other high quality material to build carefully

技术参数 Technical parameters:
输入灵敏度 inputs Sensitvity MIC:-36dB LINE:-10dB Eff Ret:-12dB Tape ln:-26dB
效果EFFECTS: ECHO 12ms-200ms
输出电压 Output Voltage :4V Max
信噪比 S/N Ratio:>85dB
失真度 Less Than(THD):0.03﹪(1KHz Full Power)
频率响应 Frequency Response; 20Hz~20KHz±3dB
耳机输出 Headphone Output: 7V220Ω
电源消耗Power Consumption:40W(L8/4)、45W(L10/4)、50W(L14?4)、55W(L24/4)、60W(L32/4)

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