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◎ German Class D high-performance digital module, the maximum contin

uous power output of 5600W high-density!

◎ Unique design of the double-panel, aluminum-iron combination, seamless, 

1U height more space

◎ More than 95% energy conversion efficiency, energy saving and envir-

onmental protection!

◎ Rear panel operation mode selection (stereo / bridge), input sensitivity 


◎ Machine with intelligent all-round high-speed protection of electronic circuits.

◎ XLR input \ output signal connection socket.

◎ Sprak ON Nl4 output socket.

◎ fresh and sweet voice, strong bass.


◎ A variety of mobile performance / portable sound reinforcement applications 

◎ DJ broadcasting system.

◎ Small and medium-sized bar / coffee room / conference room fixed installation

◎ Fixed installation of medium power output requirements.

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